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Story of Plastic Screening & Panel for Park Slope Food Coop Members

By Rebecca Davis, for the Environmental Committee The Story of Plastic, the award-winning documentary, will be made available for free streaming for all Park Slope Food Coop members between July 6 and July 20. This film presents a cohesive timeline of how we got to our current global plastic pollution crisis, and how the oil…

Lockdown Movies

Almost everybody, whether they’re feeling bored and restless, overworked and overwhelmed, or all of the above, is now spending more time at home. With the cinemas closed for the foreseeable future, it’s a good time to catch up on movies you’ve been planning to watch or revisit old favorites. Continue Reading →

Coop Strategizes to Stay Afloat

Board Convenes First Online GM

By Hayley Gorenberg

After pandemic precautions put in place this spring at the Coop, sales fell through the floor, with transactions dropping 79 percent and overall dollars spent down 37 percent for the week ending April 26. A typical week would have shown 17,000 transactions and perhaps $1.1 million…

Why Not Curbside Pickup?

By Louis Lavelle

I’ve been deeply impressed, and eternally grateful, for the hard work, dedication, and creative thinking that have gone into the Coop’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. We all owe the Coop leadership an enormous debt of gratitude.

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Had the Coop in its 47 or so years of operation thought to meet the needs of its senior and disabled members and had a shopping delivery program in place, instead of first floating a plan in late 2019, the Coop would be meeting the needs of those senior and disabled persons.


I have a question that I haven’t seen addressed in any Coop communications, that I was hoping you could cover in an upcoming edition. Has the Coop considered online/email ordering with curbside pickup and payment? Continue Reading →

Coordinator’s Corner


Sweet Treats

By Jennifer Perkin

Home cooking is having a moment. Although many Gazette readers and PSFC members are of course already prolific home chefs, going by posts on the internet, a lot people are taking this time to really spread their culinary wings. We are all baking those sourdough loaves, fermenting that kimchi, and making…

In Memoriam

Nathan Allman

By Thomas Rayfiel

Nathan Allman, who became a Coop member relatively late in life but whose influence on the Coop began long before, died on March 22 of complications resulting from the coronavirus. He was 85. Nathan joined the Coop in 2007, when he married Ellen Krüger Allman, and retired in 2010, one of…

Joe Hennessy

By Thomas Rayfiel

Joe Hennessy, a longtime Coop member and beloved squad leader, died April 9 of complications related to the coronavirus. He was 82. Joe came to the United States from Ireland in 1957. After serving in the Army (with Elvis Presley!) he settled in Queens where he managed a taxi fleet and…

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