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August General Meeting Approves Temporary Markup Increase

Illustration by Caty Bartholomew

By Christopher Cox 

At the fourth General Meeting conducted via video, members voted in favor of a temporary increase in the standard markup applied to all products sold at the Coop, responding to the sharp drop in overall revenue during the pandemic. The meeting, held at 7:15 p.m. on August 25, was attended by 451 member-owners. They voted 368 to 63 to increase the markup from 21 to 25 percent, though individual members will be able to opt out of the price increase.  

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Coordinator’s Corner

Hi Everyone,  First, I want to thank everyone for being supportive, cooperative, and patient, regarding the changes in the bulk aisle.  As you may have seen, we installed new shelves in Aisle 2, instead of having only scoop bins.  Now that this phase is complete, and all bulk items except those in the silos are […]

New Directions for the Old Stone House

Photograph by Caroline Mardok

By Frank Haberle 

Long before there was a Park Slope Food Coop (or a Park Slope neighborhood, or for that matter, any “Slope” at all) there was the Old Stone House. In 1699, Dutch settlers built a little stone farmhouse by a marsh, on land that had been occupied and used by the Lenape tribe for thousands of years. In August 1776, during the Battle of Long Island, a key battle in the American Revolutionary War, this small building became the focal point of the battle, changing hands between the British and the Americans several times, as the Continental army slipped over the Gowanus. Later, the building became the clubhouse of the original Brooklyn Dodgers; was buried as part of the re-grading of the current neighborhood; and was then reconstructed, along with the surrounding Washington Park, as a WPA project during the 1930s. 

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Proposal to Reinstate Member Labor Will Not Go to a Vote

DEAR COOP COMMUNITY,  At the August GM I tried to present a proposal to restore voluntary member labor for discussion. The response to my presentation was so overwhelmingly negative that I have decided not to request a vote. But I do want to address a few points as they bear on the state of our […]

An Invitation

HELLO EVERYONE,  I am part of, a cohousing community in Connecticut, and a long-time PSFC member. Quite a few of us at Rocky Corner are also members of the PSFC, and we would like to invite the Coop community and their families to events that we are planning on our property and the surrounding […]

Garlic-Marinated Zucchini (Concia)

By Leah Koenig 

Photograph by Valerie Trucchia

This dish hails from Rome’s ancient Jewish community, which dates back 2,000 years. The recipe makes delicious use of summer’s zucchini abundance and highlights a hallmark technique of Roman Jewish cooking: frying vegetables in oil. Although the zucchini is fried before it is marinated in a mix of chopped basil, parsley, garlic, and a glug of red wine vinegar, the final dish is complex and bright, rather than stodgy or heavy. I first tried concia at a restaurant in Rome’s historic Jewish ghetto neighborhood over a decade ago, and haven’t ever forgotten the experience. 

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