Seasonal Beet Borscht

By Liz Alpern

Soup is my ultimate comfort food. As a kid, I was eager to bring a thermos of hot soup to school for my lunch—a little reminder of home. As an adult, I cook gallons of soup frequently, to feed the crowds at my fundraising party, Queer Soup Night; and we regularly serve soup at events hosted by my company, The Gefilteria

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Zucchini  Quesadillas

Ingredients for Zucchini Quesadillas can all be found at the Coop. Photos by Rod Morrison

Contributed by Lucy Rumack who joined the Park Slope Coop in 1983 

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Sweet Treats

By Jennifer Perkin

Home cooking is having a moment. Although many Gazette readers and PSFC members are of course already prolific home chefs, going by posts on the internet, a lot people are taking this time to really spread their culinary wings. We are all baking those sourdough loaves, fermenting that kimchi, and making pasta from scratch. (Well, maybe not all.) People are also being creative with items that have been sitting in their pantry unused. 

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