Garlic-Marinated Zucchini (Concia)

By Leah Koenig 

Photograph by Valerie Trucchia

This dish hails from Rome’s ancient Jewish community, which dates back 2,000 years. The recipe makes delicious use of summer’s zucchini abundance and highlights a hallmark technique of Roman Jewish cooking: frying vegetables in oil. Although the zucchini is fried before it is marinated in a mix of chopped basil, parsley, garlic, and a glug of red wine vinegar, the final dish is complex and bright, rather than stodgy or heavy. I first tried concia at a restaurant in Rome’s historic Jewish ghetto neighborhood over a decade ago, and haven’t ever forgotten the experience. 

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Recipe for French Toast as Served at Le Succulent

Mélanie Delcourt’s famous French toast has become a weekend staple at Succulent, her 5th Avenue bistro. Photo Peter Grant

When 2020 began, Mélanie and Xavier Delcourt had good reason to believe that they had finally achieved their dream of running a successful Park Slope restaurant.  

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Seasonal Beet Borscht

By Liz Alpern

Soup is my ultimate comfort food. As a kid, I was eager to bring a thermos of hot soup to school for my lunch—a little reminder of home. As an adult, I cook gallons of soup frequently, to feed the crowds at my fundraising party, Queer Soup Night; and we regularly serve soup at events hosted by my company, The Gefilteria

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