Coordinator’s Corner

Hi Everyone,  First, I want to thank everyone for being supportive, cooperative, and patient, regarding the changes in the bulk aisle.  As you may have seen, we installed new shelves in Aisle 2, instead of having only scoop bins.  Now that this phase is complete, and all bulk items except those in the silos are... Continue Reading →

Dear Rachel Porter

We have heard these suggestions from many members, and in response, I’m taking this opportunity to share what the General Coordinators have learned after significant research and talking to other coops about their experiences. Continue Reading →

Coordinator’s Corner

Co-op General Manager Joe Holtz in his Coop office. | photo by William Farrington

Report to the Member/Owners, April 12, 2020, by Joe Holtz, General Coordinator, General Manager, and Co-Founder of the Coop

Dear Members,

Thank you, our members, for your support of the Coop and the staff. Thank you, our staff, for your exhausting, tireless, dedicated and excellent work as we all adjust to life in this time of Covid-19.

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