The Linewaiters’ Gazette

The Linewaiters’ Gazette is published biweekly by the Park Slope Food Coop, Inc., 782 Union Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215, 718-622-0560.

Opinions expressed here may be solely the views of the writer. The Gazette will not knowingly publish articles that are racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory.

The Gazette welcomes Coop-related articles and letters from members.


For the October 4th issue, submissions are due on Sept 12 at 12pm.
For the October 25th issue, submissions are due on Oct 3 at 12pm.
For the November 15th issue, submissions are due on Oct 24 at 12pm.
For the December 6 issue, submissions are due on Nov 14 at 12pm.
For the December 27th issue, submissions are due on Dec 5 at 12pm.

The Gazette will not knowingly publish letters, articles or reports that are hateful, racist, sexist, otherwise discriminatory, inflammatory or needlessly provocative.

The Gazette welcomes Coop-related articles, letters and committee reports from members that follow the published guidelines and policies. The following is a summary—please see the detailed guidelines for each type of submission on the Coop website: www.foodcoop.com.

All submissions must include author’s name, phone number and e-mail address, conform to the following guidelines and to the Fairness, Anonymity and Respect policies. Editors will reject letters, articles and reports that do not follow the guidelines or policies. Submission deadlines appear each edition in the Coop Calendar section.

For topics that generate a large number of submissions (letters or Member Articles) serially or continuously over many issues, Editors will use discretion to select a small number of representative submissions (whether letters or Member Articles).   

You may submit via e-mail to GazetteSubmissions@psfc.coop.

Letters: Maximum 300 words.

Member Article: Maximum 500 words.

A Member Article is held to a higher standard than a letter and must meet at least the following criteria: it must analyze the topic it is discussing; it must present accurate, verifiable corroboration for factual assertions; it can criticize but not attack Coop practices and personnel; if critical it must present positive solutions; it cannot be solely or mainly opinion. It must strive to make a positive contribution to the understanding of the reader on a topic. If an article is substantially opinion, it must be shortened to 300 words or less and resubmitted as a Letter for possible publishing in a future issue. Editors will reject articles that are essentially just advertisements for member businesses, those of family and friends of members, solely expressions of opinion or that do not follow the guidelines and policies.

Committee Reports: Maximum 750 words. Reports must follow the published guidelines and policies.


Letters must be the opinion of the letter-writer and can contain no more than 15% non-original writing.

All submissions must be written by the writer. Letters or articles that are form letters, chain letters, template letters or letters prepared by someone other than the submitting member will be rejected.

Letters, articles and reports must adhere to the Fairness, Anonymity and Respect policies. They cannot be hateful, needlessly inflammatory, discriminatory libelous, personal attacks or make unsubstantiated claims or accusations or be contrary to the values of the Coop as expressed in our mission statement.

All submissions must be legible, intelligible, civil, well and concisely written with accurate, attributed, easily verifiable statements of facts separated from opinions

Letter and article writers are limited to one letter or article per issue.

Editor-Writer Guidelines: All submissions will be reviewed. Those that do not abide Gazette policies will be rejected. Writers are responsible for the factual content of their stories. Editors may lightly copy edit letters to conform to the Gazette style guide (AP style). Editors will not revise or suggest improvements for grammar; writers are responsible for writing intelligible prose. Letters and articles must contain a salutation (“To the Editor”) and a suggested title. Letters or articles without a title will be given one by an Editor.


In order to provide fair, comprehensive, factual coverage:


1. The Gazette will not publish hearsay—that is, allegations not based on the author’s first-hand observation.

2. Accusations will not be published. Naming of Coop members in polemical letters and articles will lead to the letter being rejected. Writers must address ideas.

3. Submissions that make substantive accusations against specific individuals necessary to make the point of the submission and within the Fairness, Anonymity and Respect policies will be shared with those named to enable them to write a response, and both submissions and response will be published simultaneously. This means that the original submission may not appear until the issue after the one for which it was submitted.


Unattributed letters will not be published unless the Gazette knows the identity of the writer, and therefore must be signed when submitted (giving phone number). Such letters will be published only where a compelling reason is given to the editor as to why public identification of the writer would impose an unfair burden of embarrassment or difficulty. Such letters must relate to Coop issues and avoid any non-constructive, non-cooperative language.


Submissions to the Gazette must not be hateful, racist, sexist, otherwise discriminatory, inflammatory, or needlessly provocative. They may not be personally derogatory or insulting, even when strongly criticizing an individual member’s actions.

The Gazette is a collaboration among Coop members. When submitting, please consider the impact of your words on the writers, editors and production staff who use our limited workslot time to try to produce an informative and cooperative publication that reflects the values of our Coop community.