Letters to the editor


WHEN will childcare return?

To the Editors: I’m here to say that it’s time to bring back childcare as a work-shift option and as a much-needed relief to members who have been going through the pandemic as parents or guardians of children.  Since work shifts came back, my wife and I have been doing our best to schedule them, […]

The Coop responds to childcare letter

Dear Brian, The Coop is extremely proud that it was able to offer free childcare for more than 40 years to members while they shopped and worked. The COVID pandemic changed many things about how the Coop is run, some positive and some negative. One of those negatives is the temporary loss of childcare. One […]

I miss you already

Dear Coop, I’m leaving the PSFC after 20 years. For most of that time, I’ve been traveling from Harlem (yes, we lived in the Slope when we joined) to work doubles (I picked up my wife’s shift because it made our life so much easier for only one of us to take time out of […]

Open Forum Suggestions

Dear Editors, The recent GM was interrupted by Zoom complications, causing delays and schedule changes. Here are some suggestions I had hoped to make at the Open Forum:   I suggest that the Gazette use a procedure that is standard in digital publications: allow live links in articles, reports, and letters. Submissions can remain within the Gazette’s word […]

Member Labor

To the Editor: Required member labor is the basis of the Coop’s identity—neither state supported nor profit making. We share responsibility and benefits in an equitable manner. Equity means fairness, not uniformity.   In the “Membership Manual” (2020 edition on the website), there’s an explanation of the member labor system that has evolved over 47 […]

Shopping the African DIaspora

I loved the article about items from the African diaspora on the Coop’s shelves. Please, I’d love to see more articles like this, highlighting items grouped together by theme. There’s so much great stuff at the Coop and sometimes as a shopper, I go in with my list and I don’t always have time to […]

Threes Brewing against vaccination mandates

Before you buy another cute graphic can of Threes Brewery beer, please look up what the CEO has been ranting about on Twitter.  He called vaccine mandates a “crime against humanity,” comparing them to the Jim Crow South and Nazi Germany. “If you are not speaking out against them, you are a conspirator,” Josh Stylman […]

In Praise of Jerome

Dear Food Coop, I just wanted to write a letter regarding Jerome, who is a Receiving Coordinator. I have now worked on several shifts with Jerome and he is absolutely phenomenal. At the beginning of the shift he provides a good introduction of what we are to do, and what we have at our disposal—like […]

Committees are functioning just fine

Dear Editors, At the November General Meeting, a member introduced a proposal to enforce new rules for committees in order to “improve the way these committees function.” As a member of the Coop’s International Trade Education Squad (ITES), I would like to respond on behalf of my fellow committee members. ITES was formed through a […]

Voting Rights

To the Editor Not enough time at the November 30 General Meeting for a vote on restoring squads with member leaders. My six months of work ended in frustration and disappointment. Now, I see the confusion as an opening, a chance for member-owners to get involved in the Coop’s definitive decision after humanity was slammed so hard by Covid-19. The […]

from The International Trade Education Squad

Dear Editors, The International Trade Education Squad (ITES) has been working with other trade justice and human rights groups throughout the pandemic to push for changes in international trade arrangements to enable the making of vaccines across the world. From November 30–December 3 the World Trade Organization is meeting where a vote will take place […]

Chronicle of Member Labor Debate Available

Congratulations to us for holding our unique enterprise together through the multiple crises of these terrible, troubled times. Gratitude for the effort and forgiveness for the errors, especially to the General Coordinators, and all who stepped up to the tasks.  At the Nov 30 General Meeting we will have voted on a motion I presented to return […]

Coop Responds to Store Credit Inquiry

DEAR DAVID, In response to the question, “Why do store credits expire?” in the 10/18/21 issue: Thanks for your question. You’re not the first person to ask it so I’m happy to have the opportunity to answer this question for you and other Coop members. One of the ways the Coop keeps down its prices […]

Store Credits and Receipts

On August 25, I received a $10 store credit at the office and forgot to give it to the cashier when I checked out. I wrapped the little credit receipt paper around my Coop card, so I wouldn’t forget the next time I shopped. When I returned, on September 28th, I was informed that 30 days had passed […]

Hashtag vs. Lasting Change

In July 2020, a statement adorning our homepage was approved that “The Park Slope Food Coop unequivocally supports Black lives and the dismantling of all systems that propagate and empower systemic racism.”  The same month, I attended a virtual seminar open to all members entitled “White Now? Being White at the Coop and Beyond.” When asked what BIPOC […]

Covid-19 Attacked and Undermined the Coop

We can’t fit working and shopping members and maintain safe social distancing. The results are financial and social. We are losing money and members. Coop finances depend on required member labor—whose value in dollars is never counted in the budgets—to sell elite health-food store products for commercial supermarket prices. We’re built on equity and solidarity of member/owner/worker/shopper; […]

inedible oranges

To the Linewaiters’ Gazette: This letter is not about politics, veganism vs. animal consumption, genetic modification vs. anti GMO, Palestine, etc. It is actually about a particular food we sell! I have often bought organic Valencia oranges at the Coop. They were always juicy, very flavorful, the right balance of acidic and sweet, and generally […]

Temp workers were members

Let’s just start here: All Temp workers were members. Not everyone knew this information. A lot of Coop members would come in to shop during the height of the pandemic and complain about “us.” As if we were outsiders, who somehow infiltrated the Coop, and changed it into something else, something different. In actuality, we […]

TIME for a vaccine mandate at the coop

Dear Linewaiters’ Gazette Editors, It is time for the Coop to implement a vaccine mandate for its members. I understand that not everyone is able to get a vaccine, including those with autoimmune disorders, those receiving chemotherapy, etc. However, the vast majority of people, including the vast majority of Coop members, do not fall into […]

Proposal to Reinstate Member Labor Will Not Go to a Vote

DEAR COOP COMMUNITY,  At the August GM I tried to present a proposal to restore voluntary member labor for discussion. The response to my presentation was so overwhelmingly negative that I have decided not to request a vote. But I do want to address a few points as they bear on the state of our […]

An Invitation

HELLO EVERYONE,  I am part of Rockycorner.org, a cohousing community in Connecticut, and a long-time PSFC member. Quite a few of us at Rocky Corner are also members of the PSFC, and we would like to invite the Coop community and their families to events that we are planning on our property and the surrounding […]

Both Member + Shopper, Not Either/Or

PSFC’s mission reads: “The Park Slope Food Coop is a member-owned and operated food store …” At the 7/28 GM, members were asked to be our Better Selves in considering and approving the Black Lives Matter statement. Then, the Coordinators asked us to consider a markup increase to help PSFC’s economic recovery. This proposal felt […]

Voting at the Zoom Meeting

Thank you to the people who organized the Zoom General Meeting held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. It is good to keep an open forum so that Members can be informed about operations at the Coop. This is a useful tool to provide updates via committee reports, on financial matters and general information regarding the […]

Member Labor

Dear Members,   At the August General Meeting I hope to propose to restore a modified, voluntary and temporary member labor system. I had hoped that the General Coordinators would do this, but since they have not, I hope that we, the members and owners of the Park Slope Food Coop can convince them with our […]

Faster Coop Votes

I’m gonna keep shopping at the Coop because the groceries are great but our collective core is taking a bad hit if the June GM is any indication. The agenda item to make a public statement of support for the movement for Black Lives should have been voted on, and not stalled via process designating it a discussion-only topic. This is not a new problem.

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