Illustration: A four - week shift calendar overlai d with a convoluted array of X s, arrows , clocks , and percentages.

Shifts Explained: How Does the Office Make Decisions Around Shifts?

By Meredith Kolodner Have you ever wondered, as you’re looking online at the list of open shifts, how the Coop knows that it needs only four food processors at 3:30 PM on a Saturday? The Coop strives for efficiency—so how does the staff decide? In a word, it’s data. “We have years and years of […]

An expansive wheat field and blue sky in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. The right side of the image is overlaid with a blue and yellow gradient, the colors of the Ukrainian flag..

War in ukraine leading to global food crisis

By John B. Thomas As the war in Ukraine enters its fifth month, the reverberations around the globe continue. In particular the impacts of the war on our global food system are starting to be felt, as the world has been largely cut off from one of its main sources of grain, resulting in a near doubling […]

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Members Weigh In on the return of recurring Shifts

By Sara Ivry Earlier this year, the Food Coop announced plans are afoot to restore regular workslots, which will be referred to as “recurring” shifts. The FTOP-for-all model that was implemented during the pandemic will continue for those who want to keep working “freelance,” which is the new term replacing the term “FTOP.” While some members welcome the reversion, others […]

Illustration of composting cycle

Compost reduces landfill size and makes plants happy

By Travis Hartman Often referred to by farmers and gardeners as “Black Gold,” compost is a natural product made by recycling food scraps and organic matter—like leaves or yard clippings—into a valuable fertilizer that provides beneficial nutrients to plants and enriches the soil. The process of composting takes the natural process of decomposition and turbocharges […]


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