How the Dispute Resolution Process at the Coop Works

By Jess Powers This story is the first of a two-part series on the dispute resolution process at the Coop. The Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) is one of three member-worker committees involved when there is a grievance at the Coop. With so much recent attention on the failures of the U.S.’s criminal legal system, I […]

Coop Convos: “When did you join the coop and why?”

By Tim Weiner Interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity. When did you join the Coop—and why? Fadhylla Saballos “I joined in July 2019. I value what the Coop does. The great produce and the collaborative work. I worked at Key Food for five years. This is different. I love the way everybody helps […]

Greene Hill Food Co-op Needs New Members to Stay Open

By Leila Darabi Founded a decade ago and now located at 1083 Fulton Street near the corner of Classon Avenue in Brooklyn, the Greene Hill Food Co‑op could be described as a miniature version of its older and far larger Park Slope sibling. With just two aisles divided neatly into sections by hand-painted signs, it […]

Power Hungry Book Cover

Suzanne Cope’s Book Spotlights the Unsung Heroes Who Fed The Black Panther Movement

By John B. Thomas

The Linewaiters’ Gazette recently sat down with Coop member and author Suzanne Cope to discuss her recent book, POWER HUNGRY: Women of the Black Panther Party and Freedom Summer and Their Fight to Feed a Movement (Chicago Review Press). The timely book touches on themes of food, community, and social justice through the story of two Black women civil rights activists: Cleo Silvers and Aylene Quin. Although they are from Mississippi and New York City respectively, their stories are united through the use of food as a means to support the voting rights and civil rights movements of the 1960s. What follows is a lightly edited conversation.

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