Stocking the Coop Shelves Pandemic Style

Valeria Trucchia Illustrator

By Leah Koenig

From extended entrance lines and plexiglass checkout stations, to paid staff temporarily replacing member work shifts, the Coop has seen its share of pandemic-induced changes. But one change that flies under the radar for some members is the herculean effort it takes to keep the shelves adequately stocked during these unprecedented times.

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What a Time to Start a Job: the Pandemic and the New Receiving Coordinator

Caroline Mardok Photographer
Moussa Thiam Coop coordinator

By Frank Haberle

In the relatively worry-free days of last September, longtime Brooklyn resident and Coop member Moussa Thiam struggled with a worrisome decision: should he abandon a successful but frenetic 25-year career as a Chef, or set aside his lifelong dream of building a successful film production company that created and promoted new films from Africa?

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Update: Coop Finances Post-Pandemic

Caty Bartholomew  Illustrator

By Christopher Cox

The radical changes to the Coop during the pandemic have protected member-owners and workers alike, but they have been costly. According to General Coordinator Joe Holtz, in late March, when member labor requirement was suspended and shopping hours were restricted, the Coop was losing as much as $120,000 a week compared to the year before. That’s number is now approximately $95,000. In previous years, the Coop has run a modest weekly profit.

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Coop’s Meat Supply Chain Stable Despite Rollercoaster

Maggie Lempert, the Coop's Meat Buyer and Receiving Coordinator has built her career around small livestock farming. Photo by John Midgley


By Hayley Gorenberg 

Despite a huge spike in sales in the early days of the pandemic followed by a steep plunge, the Coop’s meat supply has been relatively stable amidst Covid-19, showcasing the resiliency of smaller, more responsible producers and processors. 

     The stability contrasts sharply with the major disruptions in the more industrial national meat supply chain as several consolidated factory meat processors shut down amid Covid-19 outbreaks among workers. 

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Sheltering and Schooling in Place – Coop Families Reflect on Remote Learning

Imani Larrier is teaching 4th grade remotely while her college-age son studies from home. Photo by Rachel Blatt


By Rachel Blatt 

This time last year, Imani Larrier, a longtime Coop member and New York City teacher, was preparing to be an empty nester. “I was getting ready to send my youngest child off to college. I went through that whole emotional roller coaster.” Fast forward to this spring and Imani’s son was back home, attending his college classes remotely while she taught 4th graders from her kitchen.  

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First Virtual General Meeting Focuses on Struggling Coop Finances

Illustration by Tommy Kane

By Leila Darabi 

The Coop made history on the evening of May 26, convening the first virtual General Meeting of its membership. No voting took place during the meeting, which focused heavily on the financial blow the Coop has weathered over the past two months due to citywide Covid-19 safety restrictions. More than 750 participants joined the meeting, including the staff and board slated to speak.  

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Coop Strategizes to Stay Afloat

Board Convenes First Online GM

By Hayley Gorenberg

Illustration by Deborah Tint

After pandemic precautions put in place this spring at the Coop, sales fell through the floor, with transactions dropping 79 percent and overall dollars spent down 37 percent for the week ending April 26. A typical week would have shown 17,000 transactions and perhaps $1.1 million total purchases—but only 3,436 took place, albeit at about triple the dollar-value per transaction.

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Why Not Curbside Pickup?

By Louis Lavelle

Photograph by Mia Tran

I’ve been deeply impressed, and eternally grateful, for the hard work, dedication, and creative thinking that have gone into the Coop’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. We all owe the Coop leadership an enormous debt of gratitude.

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Lockdown Movies

Illustration by Ethan Pettit

By Jennifer Perkin

Almost everybody, whether they’re feeling bored and restless, overworked and overwhelmed, or all of the above, is now spending more time at home. With the cinemas closed for the foreseeable future, it’s a good time to catch up on movies you’ve been planning to watch or revisit old favorites. 

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