Just got home from shopping the 3rd time since the COVID crisis took our Coop and changed it—hopefully not irrevocably. I wanted to express my deep thanks to the entire staff of the Coop. Today my heart really went out to you and what all of you are doing so that we members can continue some aspect of... Continue Reading →


Has the Coop considered taking shopping orders to be able to expedite more transactions? It could work essentially like the other e-commerce based companies doing this. Perhaps, with some exceptions: No produce (where people tend to be most picky about their food choices). All other products okay. Must give the Coop three days (or more)... Continue Reading →


GREETINGS, Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness that went into planning a time for seniors to shop. I hope that many were able to get the message about Thursday 4/9/20, I didn’t see it until the same day.  After spending three hours on line and one-and-one-half hours inside I had no intentions of coming back this Thursday. ... Continue Reading →


TO THE COOP, Nancy and I fled Park Slope to Vermont since I am less than a year from 80 years old. Our sons insisted that we leave. And we are so fortunate to have support in Brooklyn, our tenant who has kept track of our mail-texting us photos of what is important and sending... Continue Reading →


Can we have a loosening of designated non-member shoppers for senior citizens? We are more afraid of contact, some of us have disabilities that allow us to shop normally but we cannot stand on lines for a long time, we are very vulnerable, many have underlying conditions.  Please get this info to the powers that... Continue Reading →


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I have many elderly friends, and am myself over 65 years old. During this crisis would it be too complicated to either allow us to shop by going ahead of the long line to get in, or possibly by setting special hours when we could come and thereby avoid the... Continue Reading →


DEAR COOP TEAM,  I'm writing to extend my immense  gratitude for all you have been doing to keep the Coop open, the shelves stocked, and the environment  safe, efficient, welcoming  and positive. The Coop has been a haven for us during these uncertain days, and I know you have been making significant individual sacrifices and investments.... Continue Reading →


Why sad?  Silly to be sad. Stop it!  To save one life is worth all sacrifice.  That is how the crisis is met.  Allen 

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