Covid-19 Attacked and Undermined the Coop

We can’t fit working and shopping members and maintain safe social distancing. The results are financial and social. We are losing money and members. Coop finances depend on required member labor—whose value in dollars is never counted in the budgets—to sell elite health-food store products for commercial supermarket prices. We’re built on equity and solidarity of member/owner/worker/shopper; […]


inedible oranges

To the Linewaiters’ Gazette: This letter is not about politics, veganism vs. animal consumption, genetic modification vs. anti GMO, Palestine, etc. It is actually about a particular food we sell! I have often bought organic Valencia oranges at the Coop. They were always juicy, very flavorful, the right balance of acidic and sweet, and generally […]


Temp workers were members

Let’s just start here: All Temp workers were members. Not everyone knew this information. A lot of Coop members would come in to shop during the height of the pandemic and complain about “us.” As if we were outsiders, who somehow infiltrated the Coop, and changed it into something else, something different. In actuality, we […]


TIME for a vaccine mandate at the coop

Dear Linewaiters’ Gazette Editors, It is time for the Coop to implement a vaccine mandate for its members. I understand that not everyone is able to get a vaccine, including those with autoimmune disorders, those receiving chemotherapy, etc. However, the vast majority of people, including the vast majority of Coop members, do not fall into […]


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An Invitation

HELLO EVERYONE,  I am part of, a cohousing community in Connecticut, and a long-time PSFC member. Quite a few of us at Rocky Corner are also members of the PSFC, and we would like to invite the Coop community and their families to events that we are planning on our property and the surrounding […]


Garlic-Marinated Zucchini (Concia)

By Leah Koenig 

Photograph by Valerie Trucchia

This dish hails from Rome’s ancient Jewish community, which dates back 2,000 years. The recipe makes delicious use of summer’s zucchini abundance and highlights a hallmark technique of Roman Jewish cooking: frying vegetables in oil. Although the zucchini is fried before it is marinated in a mix of chopped basil, parsley, garlic, and a glug of red wine vinegar, the final dish is complex and bright, rather than stodgy or heavy. I first tried concia at a restaurant in Rome’s historic Jewish ghetto neighborhood over a decade ago, and haven’t ever forgotten the experience. 

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