Both Member + Shopper, Not Either/Or

PSFC’s mission reads: “The Park Slope Food Coop is a member-owned and operated food store …” At the 7/28 GM, members were asked to be our Better Selves in considering and approving the Black Lives Matter statement. Then, the Coordinators asked us to consider a markup increase to help PSFC’s economic recovery. This proposal felt […]


Voting at the Zoom Meeting

Thank you to the people who organized the Zoom General Meeting held on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. It is good to keep an open forum so that Members can be informed about operations at the Coop. This is a useful tool to provide updates via committee reports, on financial matters and general information regarding the […]


Member Labor

Dear Members,   At the August General Meeting I hope to propose to restore a modified, voluntary and temporary member labor system. I had hoped that the General Coordinators would do this, but since they have not, I hope that we, the members and owners of the Park Slope Food Coop can convince them with our […]


Checking in with Joe Holtz on Coop Lifelines

Joe Holtz hopes we can find a way to expand the Coop’s hours from 77 per week to 112.
Photo Zachary Schulman

By Leila Darabi 

Six months into the Covid-19 pandemic, the Coop is working on increasing store hours, allowing more members to shop at a time and other strategies to bring more cash in the door. 

General Coordinator Joe Holtz described these efforts in an interview with the Gazette in which he also shared an update on finances, delivery and member labor. “Bringing back member labor is the most important essential element of our Coop. It’s the most unique, foundational, spiritual thing about our Coop,” said Holtz who is also the Coop’s treasurer and co-founder. 

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July GM Overwhelmingly Approves Black Lives Matter Statement

Illustration Tommy Kane

“The Park Slope Food Coop unequivocally supports Black lives and the dismantling of all systems that propagate and empower systemic racism #BlackLivesMatter” 

Coop Finances, Temporary Markup Strategy, Return to Member Labor Also Explored 

By Frank Haberle 

Coop members overwhelmingly approved a statement of solidarity and support for the Black Lives Matter movement at the July general meeting after a number of members expressed disappointment that it took so long for the Coop to take a stand on such a heartfelt issue. 

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