letters to the editor


Member Shopping

Hello, The recent mask survey made me think of another aspect of the pandemic aftermath. What I am referring to are the “carrots,” or the limit on the number of members that are allowed to shop in the Coop at any given time. I am not certain whether there have been discussions around this topic. […]


Floored by Joe Holtz’s Suspension

Dear Coop, As a PSFC member for the last 34 years, I’m floored by the Personnel Committee’s punitive measures against Joe Holtz for wearing an N-95 mask and coming in to work without knowing he would test positive for Covid that day. The man might have improved your quality of life for decades and withstood any number of […]


FTOP Rules too restrictive

Dear Coop, With the recent return to recurring shifts, I find the Future Time Off Program (FTOP) policy that states you can only schedule two shifts at a time too rigid and not well publicized.  First, it does not appear anywhere in the Workslot Policy Agreement. Second, the two places it does appear—on the “Shift […]


Joe Holtz Suspension

Dear Editors, I want to add my voice to those who have called for transparency from the Personnel Committee regarding the Joe Holtz suspension. The committee said the Linewaiters’ Gazette’s article about the suspension was inaccurate but did not indicate why. They claim privacy issues preclude them from being transparent. I understand wanting to protect Joe’s […]