Coordinator’s Corner

General Manager’s Report

By Joe Holtz, General Coordinator and General Manager Personnel Policy for General Coordinators I would like to elaborate on some issues relating to the Personnel Committee (PC) that were discussed in the article about the Committee Oversight Committee (COC) that appeared in the October 25, 2022 issue of the Linewaiters’ Gazette. The article describes the…

November General Meeting

By Sara Ivry November’s General Meeting kicked off with the persistently pressing question of new member recruitment, key to the Coop regaining financial stability in the wake of pandemic-related losses.  Continue Reading →

Coordinator’s Corner

Hi Everyone,  First, I want to thank everyone for being supportive, cooperative, and patient, regarding the changes in the bulk aisle.  As you may have seen, we installed new shelves in Aisle 2, instead of having only scoop bins.  Now that this phase is complete, and all bulk items except those in the silos are…