Letters to the Editor submitted by coop members.


WHEN will childcare return?

To the Editors: I’m here to say that it’s time to bring back childcare as a work-shift option and as a much-needed relief to members who have been going through the pandemic as parents or guardians of children.  Since work shifts came back, my wife and I have been doing our best to schedule them, […]


The Coop responds to childcare letter

Dear Brian, The Coop is extremely proud that it was able to offer free childcare for more than 40 years to members while they shopped and worked. The COVID pandemic changed many things about how the Coop is run, some positive and some negative. One of those negatives is the temporary loss of childcare. One […]


Threes Brewing against vaccination mandates

Before you buy another cute graphic can of Threes Brewery beer, please look up what the CEO has been ranting about on Twitter.  He called vaccine mandates a “crime against humanity,” comparing them to the Jim Crow South and Nazi Germany. “If you are not speaking out against them, you are a conspirator,” Josh Stylman […]


Voting Rights

To the Editor Not enough time at the November 30 General Meeting for a vote on restoring squads with member leaders. My six months of work ended in frustration and disappointment. Now, I see the confusion as an opening, a chance for member-owners to get involved in the Coop’s definitive decision after humanity was slammed so hard by Covid-19. The […]


from The International Trade Education Squad

Dear Editors, The International Trade Education Squad (ITES) has been working with other trade justice and human rights groups throughout the pandemic to push for changes in international trade arrangements to enable the making of vaccines across the world. From November 30–December 3 the World Trade Organization is meeting where a vote will take place […]