Faster Coop Votes

I’m gonna keep shopping at the Coop because the groceries are great but our collective core is taking a bad hit if the June GM is any indication. The agenda item to make a public statement of support for the movement for Black Lives should have been voted on, and not stalled via process designating it a discussion-only topic. This is not a new problem. Continue Reading →

Pain to Save the Coop

Coordinators and some members have now suggested that member labor could indeed safely resume, something which would benefit the bottom line of the Coop. This is significant because the Coop is still losing money every week the pandemic, which shows no sign of abating, continues. Continue Reading →


Like so many, I appreciate the Coop's staff who, like many workers across the city, keep coming to work. Unfortunately, the members are not working now, but this does not mean we are any less a member labor coop. I think we should return to the model of member labor (adjusted as needed for safety) that has served us so well for 47 years. Two pages I heard when I shopped this week led me to think that some of the staff at the Coop have forgotten about that model now that it has been only staff running the Coop for almost three months. 

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  Thanks, you guys—board, staff, temporary staff, General Coordinators—tonight  was a great meeting that provided us all with the deep reassurance that we are in excellent hands moving forward—whatever happens. How wonderful to get to feel that about something these days.   Take care, continue being safe, and stay well.  Blessings, Heidi Oleszczuk A Very Proud Coop Member 


Had the Coop in its 47 or so years of operation thought to meet the needs of its senior and disabled members and had a shopping delivery program in place, instead of first floating a plan in late 2019, the Coop would be meeting the needs of those senior and disabled persons. Continue Reading →


Just got home from shopping the 3rd time since the COVID crisis took our Coop and changed it—hopefully not irrevocably. I wanted to express my deep thanks to the entire staff of the Coop. Today my heart really went out to you and what all of you are doing so that we members can continue some aspect of... Continue Reading →


Has the Coop considered taking shopping orders to be able to expedite more transactions? It could work essentially like the other e-commerce based companies doing this. Perhaps, with some exceptions: No produce (where people tend to be most picky about their food choices). All other products okay. Must give the Coop three days (or more)... Continue Reading →


GREETINGS, Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness that went into planning a time for seniors to shop. I hope that many were able to get the message about Thursday 4/9/20, I didn’t see it until the same day.  After spending three hours on line and one-and-one-half hours inside I had no intentions of coming back this Thursday. ... Continue Reading →


TO THE COOP, Nancy and I fled Park Slope to Vermont since I am less than a year from 80 years old. Our sons insisted that we leave. And we are so fortunate to have support in Brooklyn, our tenant who has kept track of our mail-texting us photos of what is important and sending... Continue Reading →

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