Welcome to the third issue of the digital Gazette. Going digital has long been of interest to the Editorial Team,  and the changes wrought by Covid-19 led to a quick creation and launch. We saw an urgency to maintain the community ties that the Gazette endeavors to achieve, and erred on the side of expediency rather than perfection. This is very much an evolving enterprise, created and assembled by  Gazette  team members who volunteered to work even at this time when member labor inside the Coop is not allowed. We ask for your patience and flexibility with this new format, as well as to help us spread the word that we are still publishing – and with the longer-than-usual lines at the Coop, we hope you enjoy. 

We would like to acknowledge the many people who made this creation possible, including: Carey Meyers and Nancy Rosenberg, who dreamed of a digital Gazette, editors Dan Jacobson, Peter Grant, Petra Lewis, Wally Konrad, Ed Levy, and Tom Moore who eagerly supported that vision, Matthew Landfield, who turned the dream into vibrant reality, Rod Morrison, who seized the opportunity to showcase the Gazette‘s talented artists and illustrators, Erin Sparling, who provided a major lift with coding and design, and Helena Boskovic who instructed us all on how to work with WordPress. We owe a big thanks to Coop staff Annette Laskaris, Camille Scuria, and Karen Mancuso–without them, this would all have been for naught.

This issue of the all-volunteer Gazette is brought to you by Ed Levy, Hayley Eva Schicker, Mia Tran, Adam Segal-Isaacson, Dilhan Kushan, Erin Sparling, Helena Boskovic, Lisa Schorr and Nancy Rosenberg.

A big shoutout to the pioneers who assembled our first issue: Peter Grant, Dan Jacobson, Leila Darabi, Rachel Blatt, Judy Antell, Rod Morrison, John Donohue, Tommy Kane, Zachary Schulman, John Midgley, Becky Cassidy, Fanny Gotschall, Matthew Landfield, Erik Schurink, David Mandl and Jean Gazis.

We value your feedback. The process for submitting Letters to the Editors has not changed; details can still be found at  foodcoop.com/lwgletters. 

In Cooperation,