Agenda Committee Report


By Kate Spota

The Agenda Committee compiles and finalizes General Meeting agendas using items submitted by members. A list of the items scheduled by the Committee in 2022 so far is below. The committee makes every effort to place items on the GM agenda in the order in which they are received. An item may be placed ahead of those submitted earlier if the item requires more immediate attention or its timely consideration at the GM is beneficial to the efficient running of the Coop, e.g., election of members to Coop committees. Read a complete discussion of the Agenda Committee’s guidelines.

If you have an idea, a suggestion or a plan that you believe would make the Coop a better place, please submit an agenda item to the Agenda Committee! Feel free to download the GM Agenda Item Submission Form (PDF).

Agenda Items in 2022

• Committee Requirements—Committee Oversight Committee

• Election: Hearing Administration Committee
• Discussion: Allow one member of a two-adult member household with school age children to leave membership

• Election: Interim Agenda Committee
• Election: Dispute Resolution Committee
• Presentation of candidates for the Board of Directors

• Election: Interim Agenda Committee
• Election: Dispute Resolution Committee
• Committee Oversight Committee presentation

• Election: Annual Revolving Loan Committee
• Discussion: Preparing for the return of squad leaders

• Proposal: Renewing the services of the auditor
• Election: Officers of the Corporation—President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary

• Election: Committee Oversight Committee
• Discussion: Current requirement to wear a mask

• Collecting member input on GM agenda
• Returning childcare for member workers and shoppers

• Reinstate Joe Holtz as GM/Treasurer