Announcing the Restart of the Coop’s Cooking Class


By Jeff Bonar, for the Cooking Class Squad

The Food Coop Cooking Class Squad is delighted to announce our post-Covid restart. Our virtual sessions are free and open to members and non-members alike. 

The Coop Cooking Class squad first and foremost celebrates our community. Every time you visit the store, you are surrounded by brilliant professional chefs, innovative food entrepreneurs, home cooks representing every food tradition on the planet, and everyday chefs with a passion to prepare something special. We celebrate guest chefs of every category in our classes.

The Coop Cooking Class is also a celebration of the bounty inside the store. Many of us are delightfully engaged with the goods during each shop, trying to figure out what that new thing is, and how to best utilize it, and asking ourselves can I really carry one more thing home. Even for old favorites like summer squash, there are many new varieties and fresh and tasty examples. Who among us hasn’t said “I wasn’t planning to buy more _________ , but that purple version looks so good…”, or “I have no idea what to do with ________, but I love how it looks and smells…”. If you can relate, then the Coop Cooking Classes are for you.

Come celebrate our bounty with us while leveling up your cooking skills.

You can follow us on Instagram at @foodcoopcooks and get more information at