I am writing this letter because there was no possibility of speaking to anyone in the office on the phone, or directly through email, and I’m not on Twitter. 

I am appalled that our Coop has not come up with an entrance policy for the elderly or disabled. There is absolutely no reason why we (the aforementioned) must wait two hours or so to be able to shop. Sitting on a chair by the entrance (with people coming in, passing the chair all the time) is not the answer. If Trader Joe’s, for example, can do it, letting seniors in at the front of the line, so can we. By having no policy, and no expedited entry, you are essentially preventing seniors and the disabled from shopping at the Coop at this time of Covid-19. And these are the people who in general need the fresh food and lower prices the most. 

Otherwise, the Coop is doing a fantastic job during this most difficult of times. 

 Eda Malenky 

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