PLAn to Save the Coop


Coordinators and some members have now suggested that member labor could indeed safely resume, something which would benefit the bottom line of the Coop. This is significant because the Coop is still losing money every week the pandemic, which shows no sign of abating, continues.

There are certainly many members who would happily come back, without work credit. This squad leader and many other members have chosen not to retire, although eligible, and therefore did our pre-pandemic workslots without work credit.

But some members, although they’re willing to shop, respecting the safeguards established by the Coop, wouldn’t want to work.

I propose that we, like many if not most Coops in the world, temporarily establish two levels of pricing, with non-working members paying more for their groceries than those who do work. The members who have temporarily relocated to other places would be unaffected, but shopping members would resume working.

Another alternative would be to condition shopping during the pandemic upon working, with others on temporary leave until they return.

Janet Gottlieb