An Invitation



I am part of, a cohousing community in Connecticut, and a long-time PSFC member. Quite a few of us at Rocky Corner are also members of the PSFC, and we would like to invite the Coop community and their families to events that we are planning on our property and the surrounding area in rural Connecticut.  

A Special Event for PSFC members & families: the Rocky Corner Cohousing community is planning some foraging and herb walks / hikes on some of the nice weather weekends we have left in this summer/early fall. We would like to extend a special invitation to the members of the Park Slope Food Coop and their families to come and spend a day in rural Connecticut with us.  

Social distancing is easy at Rocky Corner; our property is situated on 33 acres of mostly farmland and is adjacent to a hiking trail that leads down to Lake Chamberlain, Connecticut’s largest reservoir.  

We have a few knowledgeable members ready to guide us as we forage and identify the herbs and edible wild plants that grow on our land.  

We invite you to bring a picnic basket. There is plenty of space in our “outdoor living room” to organize some fun activities and games for all ages.  

If you have a portable instrument, feel free to bring it along. The musically inclined among us are always ready for a jam session!  

Since these events are very much weather-dependent and can not therefore be scheduled far in advance, we invite you to check our website regularly for updates: We only ask that you dress appropriately for a walk/hike (sturdy shoes and long pants!) and bring a smile to the event!  

All of us at Rocky Corner Cohousing look forward to welcoming our friends at the PSFC to these events and to celebrate outdoor living with all of you.  

Be sure to RSVP for the event of your choice by emailing a few days before the event so we can plan appropriately for the ages and abilities of attendees. Rocky Corner is a respectful and inclusive community and ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Lori Schumann