Coordinator’s Corner


Hi Everyone, 

First, I want to thank everyone for being supportive, cooperative, and patient, regarding the changes in the bulk aisle. 

As you may have seen, we installed new shelves in Aisle 2, instead of having only scoop bins. 

Now that this phase is complete, and all bulk items except those in the silos are bagged, movement through the bulk aisle is quicker. 

All bulk items that were temporarily moved to Aisle 3 are back in their original place. 

Items will be organized alphabetically, as they were originally. 

We have replaced items that we are unable to bag ourselves, such as flour and sugar, with a retail packaged equivalent of relatively similar price range. 

Bread, pastry, spelt, rye, and AP flours, as well as cornmeal, are now available in two- or five-pound bags, from the same mills that provided us with those items in bulk. 

Sugar is available from UNFI.   

Tri-color pasta is now being offered for sale in Aisle 5.  Wheat bran was discontinued, because it does not sell much. Salt in bulk was also discontinued, as salt at a similar price point is available among the baking goods in Aisle 2.

Food processing will bag nutritional yeast, in-shell peanuts, and sesame sticks.  

The Bulk Coordinator