Voting Rights


To the Editor

Not enough time at the November 30 General Meeting for a vote on restoring squads with member leaders.

My six months of work ended in frustration and disappointment. Now, I see the confusion as an opening, a chance for member-owners to get involved in the Coop’s definitive decision after humanity was slammed so hard by Covid-19. The vote was postponed until March or April.

Member-owners can study, discuss, debate and may vote on how our required labor will be organized after the emergency measures end. We may maintain the identity built over 46 years, or move to a 21st-century management model, or maybe a hybrid, or maybe another option. We member-owners are responsible and authorized to decide. Though inefficient and vulnerable, voting can best maintain our social cohesion. When the majority participate and the majority decide, we support the collective. We maintain unity and solidarity.   

Paid employees are also members with a vote. The debate will function when it is open, transparent and equitable. Employees have demanding jobs and regularly commit even more time and energy. Policy decisions and planning are assigned by Coop bylaws and by state laws, to Coop member-owners with the final authorization being a public vote of five members elected to the Board of Directors. Board members are the only officials of the organization chosen regularly by us, responsible to us and replaceable by us.  

 The struggle continues. Long live the PSFCoop.

Susan Metz