Threes Brewing against vaccination mandates


Before you buy another cute graphic can of Threes Brewery beer, please look up what the CEO has been ranting about on Twitter. 

He called vaccine mandates a “crime against humanity,” comparing them to the Jim Crow South and Nazi Germany.

“If you are not speaking out against them, you are a conspirator,” Josh Stylman said in a tweet about the mandates. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yours just happens to be unscientific, immoral, and evil.”

No. Just NO! Drink a different beer, Cooperators.

Lisa Guido

P.S.‬ March 1 update: Threes CEO Josh Stylman has stepped down due to public outcry and will divest his equity, although the timeline for that has not yet been finalized, according to Threes Brewing.‬