Meet the many hands that keep the Coop shelves well-stocked and organized


From top left, clockwise: Kayla stocking the shelves in the cheese section, Alexa working her shift at the checkout counter, Gustavo prepping cheese, Gerome wheeling fresh red peppers to the produce section.

A photo essay by Christhian Diaz

Many Coop workers wear protective gloves during their shifts. Consider how much work is done at the Coop by real hands. Give them a shout-out next time you see them performing all the skilled tasks that keep the Coop shelves bountiful.

Coop member Sharon is wearing light plastic gloves, writing down inventory items by the spice shelves.

Sharon is writing down inventory items by the spice shelves.

Coop member Randy is wearing thick cotton gloves while stocking flaky biscuits in one of the refrigerators.

Randy is stocking items in the dairy fridge, protected by his cotton gloves.

Coop member Batya is wearing thin gloves that allow her maximum hand movement while filling spice bags.

Coop member Gerome is wearing sturdy cotton gloves to protect his hands while carrying heavy boxes of zucchini to the produce section.

Coop member Gustavo is wearing protective clear plastic gloves when he is on his cheese processing shift.

Coop member Alexandra is skillfully filling bags of spices, wearing protective clear plastic gloves.

Coop member Laura is deftly closing off a plastic bag filled with grains using the professional tape dispenser.

Filling small bags with grains requires concentration, and Coop member Laura is expertly using her hands, making sure no grains spill over.

When doing her check-out shift, Coop member Alexa is carefully putting produce on the scale, making gentle movements with her hands.