What a delight to find these many seed art packs by the Hudson Valley Seed Company on the shelves. Each packet displays beautiful artwork by commissioned contemporary artists from around the United States to tell the story of the particular seed variety.

A photo essay by Rod Morrison

Choose your favorite seeds and start your planting with all the right ingredients available at the Coop.

The Mammoth Long Island Dill has been chosen by this Coop member for an indoor early planting.

The 100% organic Container Blend Potting Soil is now available in the produce section.   

The locally sourced, handmade in Bushwick Bk Rot Compost is one-of-a-kind artisanal compost that can help your herbs and flowers grow healthily.

The secret recipe for perfect potting soil? Two-thirds potting mix, and one-third compost. 

Gorgeous hyacinths, now available at the Coop.

Don’t forget to stock up on protective gloves while working on your plantings.

And what would spring be without a change of décor? These lovely cotton towels are now available!