Where Is the Logic?


To the Editor:

I have compassion for parent members who miss free childcare. However, I am asking the households who are threatening to leave the Coop without a reinstatement of childcare to consider the following, please:

1. Where is the safety? We are at the beginning of flu season. A large number of children are hospitalized, and worse, due to a mysterious child-respiratory illness, according to ABC, CBS and NBC news broadcasts.

2. Where is the logic? Non-Coop food is more expensive, and they’d still have to pay for a babysitter.

3. Where is the commitment?  Please read/reread the mission of the PSFC and think about why they made the decision to join the Coop and why they may turn their backs on that commitment.

May blessings be upon all who are suffering, with the hope they will be able to find peaceful, positive methods to minimize/end their suffering and create happiness.

Rochelle Killingbeck