Letters to the Editor



Dear Coop members:

Ever wish you could do something about unsightly graffiti on lampposts, stop lights and mailboxes? Well, now you can actually paint out the offending graffiti by joining the Park Slope Civic Council’s “Civic Sweep,” to be held on Earth Day, April 22. Join us any time between 10:00 and 2:00 pm on the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets (near the Old Stone House), and you’ll be provided with cans, brushes, rags, and latex paint in appropriate colors to fan out across Park Slope to beautify the neighborhood. You can also pick up and bag litter out of tree beds and other spots the city doesn’t clean. For more info on the Sweep and other sustainability initiatives (including how to join Park Slope’s oldest and most prominent civic association for only $40 a year!), google “Park Slope Civic Council” or go to www.parkslopeciviccouncil.org.

Hope to see you there!

Timothy Gilles, President
Park Slope Civic Council


To the Editor:

Years ago, there was a big debate in the Coop: Do we want to carry beer?  The members voted and now the Coop carries a truly amazing variety of beer, from crisp IPAs to malty stouts. The time has now come for another vote: Do we want to carry marijuana?

A walk down almost any street in Brooklyn now has stores that sell marijuana. The corner bodega sells it under the counter, and new places in Park Slope (like The Smokey Joint and Nice Guys DC), sell it in splashier digs. At the current time, the Coop does carry CBD products, so this is not a move that is totally off-base.

One of the Coop’s suppliers of apples and other produce is Hepworth Farms. Last week there was an article in the New York Times about how they are now cultivating marijuana as one of their products. I believe we should continue to support our local farmers—and to make Hepworth Farms Weed available to our members. We can even get them to specifically name strains: Cooperation Indica, Work Shift Sativa, or maybe a nice Joe Holtz Hybrid. 

As the market for legal weed expands, it would be good to know that the Park Slope Food Coop’s selection is organically grown and locally sourced. What do you think?

David Meltzer


To the Editor:

I was dismayed to receive notice that masking will be optional [at the Coop] as of March 20, with no consideration for those impacted. There are Coop members who have pre-existing conditions and/or who are vulnerable, and while they represent the minority of members, we are obligated to look out for their safety first, despite the vote. One reasonable solution is to set aside two or three weekday shopping/workshift slots that are fully masked. The Coop rose to the occasion when Covid hit, and I urge leadership to keep in mind that many members with limited income and resources rely on the Coop, and we should be able to make the small effort to wear a mask so that they may continue to shop and work without fear of being harmed.

Thank you.

Gary Winter