Letters to The Editor


Bring Back the ClassifiedS

To the Editor:

At the risk of redundancy, I am writing yet again to suggest—and request—that the Linewaiters’ Gazette resume its “Classified” section. I don’t know why it was eliminated, I believe early during TrumpVirus, but surely it should be reinstated.

Among its many advantages and conveniences, it serves as an important means of communication among Coop members. And, for an organization that touts the benefits of recycling and improving the environment, it is indispensable for minimizing the unnecessary purchase of yet more goods.

I have both bought and sold items via the Gazette and always been happy with my recycled bargains.

I am again requesting that the Gazette reinstate this valuable service to the members.

Marc Palmer

Masking While Shopping

To the Editor:

I am still masking, as when I get even a cold it lasts for months. I have been cold-free for most of the past three years, and will continue with the inconvenience of masking vs. the worse inconvenience of a long respiratory illness. That being said, studies show that by masking I’m protecting others, not myself. Everyone in the room needs to be masking to reduce the risk of spreading a cold, the flu, or Covid. So how can I shop safely at the PSFC if no one else around me is masking? I would appreciate it if there were at least one or two days per week when everyone in the room is masked. Can’t we set this up in non-peak hours for the safety of those of us who are immunocompromised?

Spike Kahn