letters to the editor



Dear Editor,

Climate change is hitting us hard; as Kate McKinnon says, “We know ’dis.” I’ve been craving an easy and effective way to act, knowing there are smarter people out there who have a better grasp on what to do. 

I luckily stumbled upon this great non-profit, Climate Changemakers, geared precisely toward my engaged and overcommitted self. Through their connections in DC, they curate topical campaigns with bite-sized easy actions that we tackle each week (rarely requiring phone banking!!). Think: getting our council members to rally around LL97, the NYC emissions-reduction law, or reaching out to public-school transportation directors in low-income school districts across the country and encouraging them to apply for free electric school buses.

In a fit of inspiration and motivation, I started a weekly hour of action at Threes Brewing in Gowanus at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. Coincidentally, a solid contingent of the regulars (Christine, Alec, and Kevin, just to name a few) are also PSFC members—it’s great to know that we belong to a community of people who care about the planet.

If you’re interested or want to reach out and collaborate, I’d love to continue pushing politicians to prioritize climate. Sign up here: https://lu.ma/iinvvcls  

Danny DeBare


Dear Phelonise Willie,

I attended that meeting. I was inclined to vote YES. Two or three well-informed attendees raised questions about oversight and process for the oversight. The estimated budget of $20 million will be controlled by unelected members. The questions raised did not get good answers. In my opinion, many people probably changed their minds after that. The vote failed due to a lack of clearly defined process and not an opposition to the idea of a second Coop. This part is not included in the report.

Amol Kaikini