I was wondering if there’s anything healthy and low-risk Coop members can do to help our fellow Coop members considered high-risk who cannot enter public spaces to limit germ exposure. If someone is in need of food or supplies but cannot leave their home, is there any way a healthy Coop member can do their shopping for them? There may be limitations based on the proximity of their home to the Coop, but maybe we can make our best efforts to establish a drop-off system, even if it requires sanitizing goods that may have come into contact with frequently touched surfaces. 

Not asking this for work slot credit, I am healthy and have been social distancing but I feel there’s more I could be doing to help those who are considered high-risk or are immunocompromised. Any information would be greatly appreciated, and I would be happy to collaborate with others to figure out a solution. Thank you. 

Mallory Wood