Given the pressure the CV has placed on the Coop’s services, you would think there would be more regular updates about the Coop’s responsiveness to the situation; particularly on the status of food availability (As of 3/14, their last update on the home page was on 3/5!). Instead, we are relegated to standing on line to get into the Coop only to find out when we’re shopping that our primary food needs are not available. 

When Hurricane Sandy caused a temporary gas shortage, BP set up a web page you could check by zip code that informed the public about scheduled gas deliveries and existing gas levels at their stations; mitigating the need to wait hours on a gas line. The Coop has coordinators roaming the floor at all times checking shelf inventory. Why can’t a similar system be set up where the Coop posts the status of inventory levels of at least key items (i.e. staples). There are only so many hours in the day and available places to shop for needed supplies. The Coop should make a greater effort to inform its members of food supplies on a more real-time basis. 

Jeff Wolfman