Nancy and I fled Park Slope to Vermont since I am less than a year from 80 years old. Our sons insisted that we leave. And we are so fortunate to have support in Brooklyn, our tenant who has kept track of our mail-texting us photos of what is important and sending us packages—and here in Vermont where neighbors have been shopping for us.

However, I would like to mention how we feel about the Brattleboro Food Coop. Yes, their prices are much higher than those at the Park Slope Food Coop. In fact, when we shop there in normal times, Nancy will not allow me to enter the Coop with her because of my constant complaints about their prices. 

But during this period, they have been great, making us feel safe shopping there. We call in to make an order—no more than 12 items (however, we were allowed to order 15 items). We then drive 10 miles to the Coop, open our trunk and a worker comes out with our order in a cart and puts it into our trunk. 

Perhaps the PSFC can work out something similar. Shoppers could come to the Coop with bags, boxes, carts or a car and our staff could come out with an order and transfer the order. For those who approve of this, the wait would be much shorter. And I think all would feel safer. 

Lew Friedman