Chronicle of Member Labor Debate Available


Congratulations to us for holding our unique enterprise together through the multiple crises of these terrible, troubled times. Gratitude for the effort and forgiveness for the errors, especially to the General Coordinators, and all who stepped up to the tasks. 

At the Nov 30 General Meeting we will have voted on a motion I presented to return to required member labor on stable, regularly scheduled squads with member leaders; and to begin orienting those member squad leaders now to be ready to transition back to the traditional identity of the Coop at the moment health authorities agree it’s safe for larger numbers of people to be in the building at the same time. 

The alternative is continuing with the “21 century management system” that pulled us through the crisis. Comprised of an elaborate digital system, the General Coordinators making policy decisions and base leadership by paid staff under their supervision. 

That decision will have already been made when you read this letter.  

La lucha continua. Viva la Cooperativa de Alimentos!

The struggle continues. Long Live the Food Coop!

Sincerely and in Solidarity,
Susan Metz