In Praise of Jerome


Dear Food Coop,

I just wanted to write a letter regarding Jerome, who is a Receiving Coordinator. I have now worked on several shifts with Jerome and he is absolutely phenomenal. At the beginning of the shift he provides a good introduction of what we are to do, and what we have at our disposal—like gloves. He takes care to match people with appropriate Coop tasks. When I told him that I was physically unable to do a task due to injury there were no questions asked. On my recent shift, he paired me with a new Coop member and he assigned us to a variety of tasks so the new member could get a sense of the vastness of what we carry.  He suggested that I show her around, and we went on a pilgrimage to the basement—this is where you cut cheese, here is the yogurt cooler, this is where the carrots live.

Throughout the shifts I have worked with Jerome, I have found him to be an excellent communicator. In a world of negativity, Jerome is a bright spot. We are fortunate to have Jerome working with us. Thank you.

David Meltzer