Joe Holtz Suspension


Dear Editors,

I am writing to express my dismay at Joe Holtz’s egregious suspension. I don’t dispute the facts of the case; Joe’s coming in to work while awaiting results of a Covid test was not the best choice, but the punishment is excessive. To withhold a month’s salary from anyone is shockingly misguided, but to do so to a founding member of the Coop, someone who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Coop for decades, not to mention someone integral to keeping the Coop functioning during Covid, is short-sighted and beyond comprehension. Shame on the Personnel Committee.  The only way to make this right is to return Joe’s docked salary. If that is not possible, I suggest a bonus in the amount of this lost income—let’s call it an acknowledgement of the outstanding work he has done for the Coop over the years.


Helene Davis