Current Coop Mask Policy to Continue


Dear Members,

The letter from PSFC about the General Coordinators’ decision to continue current policy includes a sentence that is questionable: “Although making masks optional received the most responses, the General Coordinators consider these numbers too close to consider changing the current policy at this time.” 

The data provided in the letter:

51%: Masks are optional for all member workers and shoppers.

4%: Masks are required for members working inside the Coop and optional for shoppers.

That makes it 55% support making masks optional for shoppers’ vs. 45% prefer to keep the current policy for the shoppers. In an election, a 55 to 45 win would be a landslide. I really wonder about the “the numbers too close” perception. I agree if we look at question 1 to make masks optional for all is just 51%. The General Coordinator could have decided to make masks optional for the shoppers.

Amol Kaikini