Joe Holtz Suspension


I have just had the opportunity to learn and read about Joe Holtz’s suspension.

As another member of the Coop since almost the very beginning (1974), I feel I must write my first-ever letter to the editor.

I remember my first days at the Coop, trudging up the long flight of stairs with my two-year-old tugging on my pants, to pick up the pre-ordered box of whatever vegetables were available at Hunts Market.

I feel there is no greater admiration or respect for the leadership that Joe has shown for this community-minded and groundbreaking business and organization. He has led us through so many challenges, both business-wise and ethical, that it is impossible to recount.

I cannot imagine how the committee came to the conclusion that Joe deserved to lose an entire month’s pay for making a mistake that hurt absolutely no one. Even not knowing the results of his PCR test, he wore the appropriate mask during work.

To me, this feels like there is some underlying agenda, a very uncomfortable feeling for someone who has supported and relied on the Coop for almost fifty years.

Correct this mistake, if it hasn’t already been done, and keep the integrity of the Coop vital!

Roni Schwartz