Shoutout to November 16 midday shift and members


I really want to thank the cooperative and kind spirit of the shift that I worked with Squad Leader Alex on Wednesday, November 16, and some Coop shoppers.

1. The cashier was patient as my new debit card—which I was nervous about using—didn’t work. He explained that he could suspend the order and how I could get help after straightening things out with that nifty desk in the corner by the window. 

2. Alex, saw that I was losing it because I couldn’t get ahold of my bank and straighten out my debit-card PIN, as the fresh salmon grew warm, etc. and the $300 worth of groceries seemed in limbo. She asked me if I could use help and then she said she could page out and a Coop member could pay with a debit card and I could Venmo that person back the money at the same time. I said, “no way, no one’s going to do that.”

3. TWO members volunteered! Right away! (I only needed one ;-)) Problem solved! (And PIN eventually fixed.)

Thank you, everyone who helped. It meant a lot. Thirty-five years a PSFC member, I hugely appreciate it. 

Jessica Greenbaum