Member Labor


To the Editor:

Required member labor is the basis of the Coop’s identity—neither state supported nor profit making. We share responsibility and benefits in an equitable manner. Equity means fairness, not uniformity.  

In the “Membership Manual” (2020 edition on the website), there’s an explanation of the member labor system that has evolved over 47 years. Not only has member labor in squads with member leaders enabled us to keep prices moderate, we have created a community that commits to responsibility and respect.

An unpredictable interruption hit the Coop hard, with Covid-19 threatening everyone. Quickly, workers were hired to keep the store open. There was no time to consult.

Organization of member labor is now being thoroughly changed. I propose a vote at an upcoming GM on how members favor organizing member labor. 

I propose predominantly returning to regularly scheduled squads with member leaders.  

Meet at the library or the park to improve the proposal before a GM vote.  

Members decide. 

Susan Metz