Open Forum Suggestions


Dear Editors,

The recent GM was interrupted by Zoom complications, causing delays and schedule changes. Here are some suggestions I had hoped to make at the Open Forum:  

I suggest that the Gazette use a procedure that is standard in digital publications: allow live links in articles, reports, and letters. Submissions can remain within the Gazette’s word limits while providing readers who are interested access to more information.

Also, I suggest that a video recording of the question and answer session with candidates running for the Board be available on the Coop website. There was a limit on the number of members who could join the March GM, and some people were unable to hear what candidates had to say.   

As members, we can offer solutions to problems that interfere with the transparency and democracy of our miraculous enterprise! 

Thank you for your consideration of these ideas. 

Willy Naess
International Trade Education Squad (ITES)