Floored by Joe Holtz’s Suspension


Dear Coop,

As a PSFC member for the last 34 years, I’m floored by the Personnel Committee’s punitive measures against Joe Holtz for wearing an N-95 mask and coming in to work without knowing he would test positive for Covid that day. The man might have improved your quality of life for decades and withstood any number of uncalled for insults, but he is not a fortune teller.

Hayley Gorenberg’s detailed reporting in the Linewaiters’ Gazette presents the facts, and I concur completely with the letter written by Cynthia Blyer that outlines the Personnel Committee’s unprecedented, uncalled for, unjust and downright bizarre punishment. I add my voice to those who demand, as Cynthia did, that the committee:

1. Reimburse Joe for the month of July.

2. Keep in mind that we are running a cooperative, not a gulag.

Cynthia stressed that Joe would be the first one to speak up if another staff member were treated like this, or about any kind of unfairness in our community and in the world.

I will be attending the upcoming General Meeting on September 27 to speak to this agenda item. If Joe is not reimbursed and all punitive measures rescinded at that meeting, I urge Coop members to protest the abhorrent and extremist actions of the Personnel Committee with an emergency referendum. 

Jessica Greenbaum