dearth of shifts


Dear Editors,

I would like to open by saluting the tremendous amount of work and consideration that have gone into the evolution of shift assignments. This is no mean feat. The introduction of recurring shifts, however, has upset what to me felt like a nicely poised system that offered maximum variety to all working members. Having not signed up for a recurring shift (it’s untenable for my schedule), I now realize the folly of my inaction—gone is the variation of available shifts. I realize I will garner little sympathy; I too must adapt to the cold, hard truths of this new order. Still, I cannot help but feel something is lost now that member labor is much less fluid that it had been all these months since its return. I’d love for blocks of recurring shifts across the board to return to the open labor market for anyone who simply cannot commit to a recurring shift. Selfishly, I still think this would do wonders for the rest of us. 

Damien Neva